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If you've never owned a dedicated e-reader, allow me to make the case. Sure, you can read e-books on your phone or tablet, but those devices are rife with distraction.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Black Friday & Cyber Monday Ads, Coupons and Deals | BlackFridayGenie

You're constantly getting interrupted by emails, text messages, the time-suck that is TikTok and so on. Plus, if you like to read at night, those screens can be hard on your eyes -- and your sleep, even if you enable Night Mode. Now we're getting somewhere. You can get it for even less with a trade-in. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. Unlike Amazon's previous entry-level e-reader, this Kindle includes one important feature: an integrated light known here as a "front light" , which allows you to read more comfortably at night.

That was always the big reason to consider the step-up Paperwhite model instead. So, yeah, for the same regular price as the entry-level Kindle, you can get the Paperwhite. Why bother, given that the former now offers integrated lighting? Amazon, for the most part, doesn't focus on large appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers, and stoves.

As such, it's pretty much a given that if your home is in need of any of these large appliances, Best Buy is one of your best shopping choices.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ads, Coupons and Deals 12222

As we barrel toward Black Friday , we have a few predictions on which items and categories these massive retailers will highlight in their sales this year. We predict that Amazon is going to dominate the home gadgets category during this year's Black Friday sales. Amazon has drastically ramped up its own line of home gadgets, like Fire and Echo devices. While Best Buy features these devices in its stores, it is often at a slightly higher price than Amazon provides its customers.

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We predict Amazon will offer tremendous pricing on its own brand of intelligent home devices, as well as discounting down other brands. When it comes to shopping for your home theater, there aren't many retailers out there that can top Best Buy's lineup and selection.

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  • Best Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 12222.
  • Amazon's Black Friday Deals Include A Discount On Its New Kindle Paperwhites.

Because of its available line of products, including high-end digital projectors and massive televisions, we predict Best Buy will once again dominate the home theater category on Black Friday. Best Buy also offers Geek Squad Protection on almost all of its home theater devices, which features key options like having Geek Squad members come to your home to inspect and repair any failing electronics. Video gaming continues to be a huge hit across all markets and we predict that this year will see even more sales and discounts on various video game consoles. Last year, the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One saw great pricing from almost all retailers, and we believe the same thing will happen again this year.

The caveat is that we believe the PlayStation 4 Pro will also be discounted well, due to the Playstation 5 having a confirmed release date in Like last year though, we predict that console sale prices will be the same across all retailers, leaving this category almost certain to be a tie between Amazon and Best Buy. We've covered every readily-available model including the basic Kindles, the excellent all-rounder Paperwhites and the super fancy Kindle Oasis luxury ereader.

Amazon's Kindle deals clearout has Black Friday prices - with a catch

If you're interested in more than just reading ebooks, the Fire tablet range is covered in our full roundup of the best Amazon Fire Tablet deals too - they're a much cheaper alternative to those pricey iPad deals. Naturally, we'll explain the differences between the various Kindle devices too so you can make the most informed decision about which one suits you best. We've provided a quick overview of the latest deals directly below, keep scrolling though and you'll see an extensive list of Kindle prices for each model. Amazon are always happy to discount their own products on Black Friday, and their Kindle eReaders are ripe for picking this year.

If the deals below aren't quite what you're looking for, hold off until November 29 and the biggest shopping season of the year. We'll be tracking prices throughout the weekend all the way through to Cyber Monday on our Black Friday deals page, so check it out to stay up to date.

Black Friday 2018 – price comparisons and predictions

These ereaders don't have LCD screens or powerful internal components. So you'll find Kindle sale prices are far cheaper than tablets and phones. The screens are fantastic for glare-free reading and an immediate improvement over using the Kindle app on your phone or tablet too. When looking at a Kindle ereader listing, whether it's on Amazon's website, or on a different retailer's site, you'll often see 'includes special offers' in the title or item description.

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  8. Essentially, these Special Offers act as Amazon-based screensaver-style advertisements on your Kindle device. So when you pop your Kindle on from sleep mode you'll see an ad for a book on Amazon's Kindle store, or maybe a third party ad.

    Kindle Paperwhite details

    Annoying right? Actually, I opted for with Special Offers I do love a cheap deal , and it's not bothered me one bit.

    You can swipe the ad away easily no trying to find the tiny X icon here and get on with your reading straight away. When in sleep mode, the ads cycle on the screen, but they're not illuminated and they don't seem to consume any power. They don't slow anything down when powering on the device after shutdown either.

    Seeing as they don't interfere with the experience at all, I'm glad I didn't spend the extra money to block them. Hey, some of them sales ads etc have been worth clicking through to. If you really don't like them though, you can always pay the difference at a later date to get them removed.

    So we'd opt for the cheaper 'includes special offers' option first. Amazon's latest take on the entry-level Kindle was given a boost for by including a built-in light, meaning you don't have to get the Kindle Paperwhite if you want to read your Kindle at night without any extra lighting in the room. It's a neat upgrade, but it has pushed the starting price up a little compared to the starting Kindle.