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With younger generations, I think they're focusing on what's going in their body and will use their disposable income for food with better sourced, higher quality ingredients. Its prices and calorie counts rival that of Chipotle. Both chains also started around the same time, when the healthy fast-casual movement started gaining momentum.

By working with local farms and ranches, the chain can minimize transportation costs to its kitchens.

The company's data science team also produces highly accurate forecasts of every ingredient it will need for the upcoming week or month. A purveyor might otherwise waste crops if it can't predict what retailers need and grows too much. Cava doesn't always work with local farmers, however.

Cava Mezze Coupon Codes & Deals Oct 12222

It's nearly impossible to find in-season tomatoes and cucumbers in the winter on the East Coast, Schulman says, so it sources from elsewhere. For that reason, the company is starting to work with more greenhouses, which can grow crops year-round near its restaurant locations.

In January, the chain also launched a mobile ordering platform, which allows it to serve more customers in less time and with fewer workers. Over the last year, Cava, the Mediterranean-style fast-casual restaurant chain, has nearly doubled in size. It projects to have 40 restaurants open by the end of —there were just 21 at this point a year ago—with eateries in its home market of Washington D. Cava deploys a wide array of sensors throughout some restaurants, which help track both kitchen operations and how customers move about.

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Next up, Cava plans to harness store data in to tackle something more amorphous: brand loyalty. The company will launch what they hope will be an intuitive customer loyalty program next year, CEO Brett Schulman told a crowd that gathered inside a new Cava location in New York during the Fast Company Innovation Festival. That deal could, theoretically, be paired with at-home recipes for using the ingredient in new ways too. At Cava, customers can customize their meals the same way they pick and choose ingredients when ordering at Chipotle or Subway.

With a customer loyalty program like this, Cava will have a chance to reaffirm its grocery venture, which actually launched ahead of the fast-casual chain.